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Contact Details

Allied Mineral Services
8 Pegg Court
Kewdale WA 6105

PO Box 1394
Victoria Park East
WA 6981

T: +618 9359 6090
F: +618 6311 7452

About Us

Allied Mineral Services (AMS) specialises in resource assessment, flowsheet development/optimization, process auditing, plant design and project management for the mineral sands, iron ore, gold and other heavy mineral industries.

Established in 2007 and located in Perth, Western Australia, AMS is joint owner, with market research analyst TZMI, of the Allied Mineral Laboratories (AML) facility in Kewdale, WA. This association provides direct metallurgical testwork capability to facilitate flowsheet development/optimization and resource assessment.

The AMS team has an impressive depth of local and international experience across a range of mining/mineral processing industries. We pride ourselves on practical, innovative and cost effective solutions to mining and processing issues in difficult environments, borne out of eight decades of combined field experience in metallurgical, processing, production and engineering roles.

We are client focused and site oriented with a strong emphasis on working collaboratively with clients. Our independence ensures we develop the best flowsheet for the specific resource, not on supplying any particular brand of equipment. AMS works in close collaboration with Claymore Mines Pty Ltd to provide engineering design and project management services.  Claymore Mines has an impressive reputation for innovative engineering design, machinery building and project management at local and international levels.